Tuesday, July 17, 2012

this week so far...

Um, I'm not complaining, really I'm not, but.... 

This week has been pretty boring so far. 

Summer tv STINKS! Agreed?

And it's too hot to do much outside. Can't even enjoy the front porch. Last week was rainy, but at least you could breathe when you walked outside.

Work, Home. Work, Home. Work, Home, Church, back home. Work, Home. Work, Home. Home. Church, Home. REPEAT

You get the point... me & the hub aren't exactly splashed across the lifestyle page of the local paper. We keep to ourselves a lot. 

Tonight for dinner, at Anthony's request, I made sloppy joes (Manwich). He decided they were worth another try with Cheez Wiz atop his. Yes, I said Cheez Wiz. Or as I call it, cholesterol in a can (or is it technically a jar?)... 

My man does NOT like MANwich. Really? I mean, I thought every guy liked some sloppies. Uh uh, nope, not my man. (sigh)

The verdict? 

He's still not a fan of the manwich even with the cheesy sauciness. (sadness4me)

And while we're talking food, why do BROWNIES taste yummy and raw veggies taste icky? I'm just sayin... 
I made some brownies a couple nights ago and they're still tastin delish. Raw veggies only stay fresh for like a day, right? Splain me that one Lucy...

And why does an hour at work feel like a lifetime but an hour doing something really fun flies by? 

We're currently experiencing a minor problem with some ants who apparently want to be a part of our family. 

I've been researching natural ways to help them relocate. We can't just spray poison & toxins on the floor cuz we have a sweet kitty we'd like to keep in the family. 
And the dumb sweet kitty thinks the ants are the show and she bought a front row ticket. 
She usually kills bugs and what not, but these ants have apparently formed some kind of bond with Tinsley. I don't get it.

I'll wrap up this post with an update on the running thing

I've promised my friend Angela that I'll run the Women's Half Marathon in Nashville in September with her. When I promised her this, it was right after I ran the Country Music Half in April. I was still kinda on that runner's high. I wasn't thinking it all the way through obviously... 
training in the summer? 
in the heat? 
and humidity? 

UMMM. . . . 
    What was I thinking? 

I've been doing my runs, but when I get back from running I do a whole lotta complaining to Anthony. I'm sure he wants to install a MUTE BUTTON ON ME. What's new? He probably wants to daily. bwahaha

Monday morning I rolled outta bed at 5:11 and went for my 3 mile run. Yeah, on a Monday. In the morning. Wow. You're impressed if you know me. Lyndy is not a morning person.

But I promised a friend and after all, a promise is a promise. That's why I'm tellin you my sweet blog follower. You'll help me stick to it. Won't you?

Stop rollin your eyes. Rude.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

a Saturday recap

I told you a few weeks ago about getting an iPhone. 
And I'm still in love with it. 

Yesterday I took some snazzy iPhone pics to sorta document a "normal day" in the life of Anthony & Lyndy...

~ My morning started off early... as in 6 am, roll outta bed, put on the gear and head out the door for a run
Yeah, I was kinda slow. 

But it was raining so give a chic a break wouldja? 
Did you run 4 miles Saturday morning?
I didn't think so. 
Moving on...

they say the camera adds 10 pounds so Tinsley may be looking like she's 24 pounds here...
~ This is my FATTTT CAT in my lap keepin me company since Anth was hard at work makin $ and fixing ball fields. The last two Saturdays I might have gone back to sleepytown after my run. I'll never tell. 
*side bar:  As they finished the last field for the tourney, the Lord decided to water em realllll good. So all their work was washed away. (sigh)

~ I did a bit of laundry. 
This is the most action my kitchen table has seen in a while. We unfortunately eat our meals in front of the ole tv.
~ We ran to grab some lunch and on the way back in the house, I spotted this FOOTPRINT...
Anthony laughed and said it's a Tarheel (as in North Carolina Tarheels). I thought it was picture worthy.  Dusty feet from dusty ball fields.

~ this is probably boring & ordinary to you, but I thought it was cute how Tinsley was on the edge of the couch by Anth. I was curled up close to her, but of course somebody had to take the picture of this cuteness. 
~ I realized Tinsley now matches the utility room (which is where her potty and food & water are). I thought it was awfully cute, don't you?! 

 ~ nap time for Anth 
poor fella had a rough morning of work and with all the rain that fell Saturday, it would make anyone sleepy 
~ I guess the rain made Tins sleepy too
surprisingly I didn't nap (shock & awe)
~ Anthony had to do a little surgery on his man chair (sigh) gee thanks La-Z-Boy So am I the only gal who thinks recliners are hideous?
Oddly, a piece came off the other day and it's been making the most horrible racket... but since he repaired it, it's acting much better. So far so good, fingers crossed. Or maybe not... hmm
~ Mom & Dad came by to see my utility room redo & chat a while... Dad got comfy in "the square chair" as we call it
~ After Mom & Dad left, we headed to Calhoun's. We hadn't eaten there in ages and it was quite delish! It was so delish I didn't waste time takin a pic. ha!

   and then.... 

~ We stopped here to peruse some pretty sparkly cars and SUVs cuz somebody might have a pinch of car fever... 

So there you have it - an ordinary, uneventful Saturday with Anthony & Lyndy (and our sweet kitty). . . 

I'm so blessed to have such an ordinary life that I get to spend with a heaping of a sweet husband, a dollop of a pretty little fat cat, and a sprinkle of great parents. 
Life is good. 
Life sure is good.

more kitchen mishaps I had forgotten about

After posting about my latest kitchen mishap a few days ago, I remembered there was another mishap or two I could share with you faithful blog followers.

Mishap #1
what: arm burn
when: Sept 2011
where: my kitchen of course

See it? 
There between the moles

For my mom's birthday last year I surprised her by having her sisters, my niece and my sisters-in-law down for breakfast. Here's the blog post 

I always try to make sure the food is fresh and hot when I have people over. So I was chatting away with Leslie and as I reached down into the oven to get the pigs in a blanket out, I didn't squat low enough I s'pose cuz I burned my left forearm on the top part of the oven. It took a second for me to feel it. But when I did, I squealed a little. OUCH! 

Mishap #2
what: soap dispenser scuff
when: 2011
where: my kitchen

I don't remember what I was doing when it happened, but I'm the poster child for a clutz.

I was doing something over the sink and had the disposal on. Well I bumped the soap dispenser and down she went. 

Into the disposal. 

What a racket it made!

I thankfully had enough common sense (I think God only gave me a thimble full) to turn off the disposal before pulling the soap thingy out. When I pulled it out, it was scuffed up pretty good. I told Anthony it was distressed. It looks cooler now. Lol I've never put soap in it anyway. Am I weird? 
Do not answer that.

Oh, and when I was a teenager I opened a walnut with a butter knife and sliced my finger on the first knuckle of my middle finger on my left hand. I had a decent amount of skin just flappin loose. You can still see the scar a little and I'm waaay past the teen years. (sigh) It may have needed stitches. Eh.

I shouldn't be left unsupervised in the kitchen, huh? I'm my own safety hazard. :-P