Sunday, July 15, 2012

more kitchen mishaps I had forgotten about

After posting about my latest kitchen mishap a few days ago, I remembered there was another mishap or two I could share with you faithful blog followers.

Mishap #1
what: arm burn
when: Sept 2011
where: my kitchen of course

See it? 
There between the moles

For my mom's birthday last year I surprised her by having her sisters, my niece and my sisters-in-law down for breakfast. Here's the blog post 

I always try to make sure the food is fresh and hot when I have people over. So I was chatting away with Leslie and as I reached down into the oven to get the pigs in a blanket out, I didn't squat low enough I s'pose cuz I burned my left forearm on the top part of the oven. It took a second for me to feel it. But when I did, I squealed a little. OUCH! 

Mishap #2
what: soap dispenser scuff
when: 2011
where: my kitchen

I don't remember what I was doing when it happened, but I'm the poster child for a clutz.

I was doing something over the sink and had the disposal on. Well I bumped the soap dispenser and down she went. 

Into the disposal. 

What a racket it made!

I thankfully had enough common sense (I think God only gave me a thimble full) to turn off the disposal before pulling the soap thingy out. When I pulled it out, it was scuffed up pretty good. I told Anthony it was distressed. It looks cooler now. Lol I've never put soap in it anyway. Am I weird? 
Do not answer that.

Oh, and when I was a teenager I opened a walnut with a butter knife and sliced my finger on the first knuckle of my middle finger on my left hand. I had a decent amount of skin just flappin loose. You can still see the scar a little and I'm waaay past the teen years. (sigh) It may have needed stitches. Eh.

I shouldn't be left unsupervised in the kitchen, huh? I'm my own safety hazard. :-P 

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