Thursday, October 27, 2011

Last weekend: football, a birthday celebray-shun & Riley time

Saturday. Dawson. Age 8. Grade 3. Running back. Linebacker. Victory.

Um, looking older than 8 here, right? Kids grow up too fast.

o o o o o o o o

Saturday. Bryson. Age 7. Grade 1. Swamp people. Gator cake.
Camp fire. Cute kids. Trampoline jumpin.
Weenie & marshmellow roastin. Hay ride.

On the second hay ride, the goal was to scare the 13-14 yr olds with some chainsaw terror. Scared us adults instead. LOL (btw it was cold, like 40 degrees brrrr)

Made the kiddos walk through the cemetery. . . creeeeepy..... tried to coast away (in neutral) but the kiddos were hip to our jive. Ran back on the wagon as we rolled away.

o o o o o o o o

Sunday. Riley. Age 3. Preschool. Sweet & energetic.

Sunday afternoon the house phone rung, then my cell. No message. Called Lisa back and whadya know, she needed to drop Riley off with us for a spell. Of course we were glad to help out. He brings fun and hugs to the house.

He looooves football, much like his mom & dad... a Titans fan he is

Told me he wanted a piggyback ride so he immediately got his wish.
Just call me genie.

Bridgett swung by for a few and Riley remembered her from the last time - he likes when she reads him a book. I think she read him three. :-) She's gonna be a elementary school teacher real soon so it's good practice for her.

We played some football, played cars, snacked and I even let him play my iPod. He's a good boy and is never ready to leave when they come to pick him up. I think that's a sign...yep, he likes loves us! That's good cuz we like love him a whoooole lot, too.

That's a wrap...picture wise any the hoooo...we did other stuff, but nuthin worth mentionin here.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Annual fall cookout...

I'm a week behind (as usual)... this was LAST Sat.

See, my inlaws bumped the annual fall cookout back a week to accommodate our beach trip. Ain't that sweet?! We had a lotta fun and enjoyed hangin' with all the fam on Terry's side...

Cornhole is usually played mostly by the guys, but Christy always gets in a game... not sure who the champs were this year. I heard Anthony say he wasn't playing very well.

 Kiddos are wrestling Dawson for the football.

I love this shot I got of Dawson - will go in Janice's photo calendar for sure!

This little gal - me and her share something in common...
we got the same first name 'cept they spell hers different.

Hay ride came a little early, but it was still plenty fun...

This little sweetie was enjoyin' her very first hay ride... so much so it lulled her to sleep (awww)

Nuttin better than weenies and marshmellows on an open fire...

except maybe....

 Mitchell and Stacy played a game called Chubby Bunny. You keep stuffing your mouth with marshmellows (no chewing allowed) and saying Chubby Bunny til someone can't fit any more marshmellows and a winner is declared. Seems like a kinda dumb game to me, but who am I to say?

Remember Sid from Toy Story? Anthony's step brother has a son that seemed awfully enamored with fire... just sayin' .... there were similarities....
the evil laugh.... the braces... even his voice....