Thursday, October 27, 2011

Last weekend: football, a birthday celebray-shun & Riley time

Saturday. Dawson. Age 8. Grade 3. Running back. Linebacker. Victory.

Um, looking older than 8 here, right? Kids grow up too fast.

o o o o o o o o

Saturday. Bryson. Age 7. Grade 1. Swamp people. Gator cake.
Camp fire. Cute kids. Trampoline jumpin.
Weenie & marshmellow roastin. Hay ride.

On the second hay ride, the goal was to scare the 13-14 yr olds with some chainsaw terror. Scared us adults instead. LOL (btw it was cold, like 40 degrees brrrr)

Made the kiddos walk through the cemetery. . . creeeeepy..... tried to coast away (in neutral) but the kiddos were hip to our jive. Ran back on the wagon as we rolled away.

o o o o o o o o

Sunday. Riley. Age 3. Preschool. Sweet & energetic.

Sunday afternoon the house phone rung, then my cell. No message. Called Lisa back and whadya know, she needed to drop Riley off with us for a spell. Of course we were glad to help out. He brings fun and hugs to the house.

He looooves football, much like his mom & dad... a Titans fan he is

Told me he wanted a piggyback ride so he immediately got his wish.
Just call me genie.

Bridgett swung by for a few and Riley remembered her from the last time - he likes when she reads him a book. I think she read him three. :-) She's gonna be a elementary school teacher real soon so it's good practice for her.

We played some football, played cars, snacked and I even let him play my iPod. He's a good boy and is never ready to leave when they come to pick him up. I think that's a sign...yep, he likes loves us! That's good cuz we like love him a whoooole lot, too.

That's a wrap...picture wise any the hoooo...we did other stuff, but nuthin worth mentionin here.

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