Friday, February 25, 2011

Lunch with the Oak Ridge Boys...kinda

So today we had lunch at The Palm downtown. . . we noticed they were putting up a new caricature on the wall (a super cool thang they do at The Palm) and in a few minutes in strolled the Oak Ridge Boys. We respected their privacy (and didn't want to get thrown outta The Palm before dessert) so we didn't try to get pics WITH 'em, but thank heavens for cell phones, eh?

They were commemorating the release of Elvira, released in 1981, a cool 30 years ago (back when I was merely a child). I saw a shiny record floating around in a frame but again, we were being

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A day in the life of Lyndy

Not that anyone cares or reads this blog, but here's what my day looked like today. Call this documenting the ordinary & mundane if you're so inclined. As I sit here with a push up in my mouth and type, I really don't care. :-P
6a-7a  Rise & shine, shower, makeup, dress, pack lunch
7a-8a  Drive to work (listen to worship music & of course sing along), check email, get ready for the day
8a-9a  Oatmeal ASAP (hungry this morning!), write thank you note to sweet little 6 year old boy at church who gave me a Valentine card & chocolates awww discover I lost something, try to find that something, make a phone call, leave a message, a coworker calls me "snazzy" (pretty sure it was a compliment...) and another calls my hair fabulous (she's a little over the top but shucks, I'll take the compliment)

9a-10a  Try to get organized & make a list to keep track of some of my work, book flights for boss
10a-11a  Walk 1 mile with friend around campus (everyone needs a break!), review a new case file, sample some of these bad boys -

11a-12  Meeting w/boss, impromptu hall meeting with auditor
12-1p  Butts & guts at the gym (a.k.a. tearing muscle torture), Smart Ones lunch: Chicken Carbonara YUM!
1p-2p  Lotsa emailing & work stuff I won't bore ya with
2p-3p  Scheduling meetings, review another new case file, analyze & summarize
3p-4p  Near meltdown (too much work & not enough time!), more work stuff, agenda for a meeting tomorrow with vendor, recycle some paper (go green!), interview a manager about one of my cases
4p-5p Winding down... end of the day work can't be too intense (kinda like first thing in the morning work)
5p-6p  Drive home (more singing along), phone call with friend about trying to get a job where I work, phone call with Mom just to chat, once home take a couple shots with camera for this week's homework (for my photography class), drive to church for a workout with my honey
6p-7p  Run 1 mile & walk & chat with honey bunny, return home, cook dinner
7p-8p  Eat dinner, watch an Office rerun with my sweetie boosky, read a few pages of Entertainment Weekly
8p-9p  Watch Biggest Loser (no commercials thanks to DVR :-), 50 push ups (5 sets of 10 just 'cause these folks inspire me to move more)
9p-10p  Read a few chapters in the Bible, eat a push up (the orange kind) and blog...

And that concludes my summary of an ordinary day in the somewhat boring life of me.
Nighty night y'all.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

3 day weekend it was...

We took off Friday just because... there was shopping, shopping, more shopping, and a movie (Just Go With It - very funny & cute). A whole entire day spent with my honey. LOVE IT!!!

Saturday I had my photography class, as usual, and we had our first test. OF COURSE I aced it. A+ That means I got every question right. Oh yeah.
Anthony went with a friend to a Sportsfest thing and that night they went to a college basketball game. What's that mean for Lyndy? BOREDOM! Hate being by myself! HATE IT! Wasn't in the mood to scrapbook. Did a bit of housework and went to Dawson's basketball game (took some pics on fully manual setting, no flash-watch out!). I also watched a cute girly movie, Princess Diaries. Yeah, it's old (from '01) but it was good!