Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A day in the life of Lyndy

Not that anyone cares or reads this blog, but here's what my day looked like today. Call this documenting the ordinary & mundane if you're so inclined. As I sit here with a push up in my mouth and type, I really don't care. :-P
6a-7a  Rise & shine, shower, makeup, dress, pack lunch
7a-8a  Drive to work (listen to worship music & of course sing along), check email, get ready for the day
8a-9a  Oatmeal ASAP (hungry this morning!), write thank you note to sweet little 6 year old boy at church who gave me a Valentine card & chocolates awww discover I lost something, try to find that something, make a phone call, leave a message, a coworker calls me "snazzy" (pretty sure it was a compliment...) and another calls my hair fabulous (she's a little over the top but shucks, I'll take the compliment)

9a-10a  Try to get organized & make a list to keep track of some of my work, book flights for boss
10a-11a  Walk 1 mile with friend around campus (everyone needs a break!), review a new case file, sample some of these bad boys -

11a-12  Meeting w/boss, impromptu hall meeting with auditor
12-1p  Butts & guts at the gym (a.k.a. tearing muscle torture), Smart Ones lunch: Chicken Carbonara YUM!
1p-2p  Lotsa emailing & work stuff I won't bore ya with
2p-3p  Scheduling meetings, review another new case file, analyze & summarize
3p-4p  Near meltdown (too much work & not enough time!), more work stuff, agenda for a meeting tomorrow with vendor, recycle some paper (go green!), interview a manager about one of my cases
4p-5p Winding down... end of the day work can't be too intense (kinda like first thing in the morning work)
5p-6p  Drive home (more singing along), phone call with friend about trying to get a job where I work, phone call with Mom just to chat, once home take a couple shots with camera for this week's homework (for my photography class), drive to church for a workout with my honey
6p-7p  Run 1 mile & walk & chat with honey bunny, return home, cook dinner
7p-8p  Eat dinner, watch an Office rerun with my sweetie boosky, read a few pages of Entertainment Weekly
8p-9p  Watch Biggest Loser (no commercials thanks to DVR :-), 50 push ups (5 sets of 10 just 'cause these folks inspire me to move more)
9p-10p  Read a few chapters in the Bible, eat a push up (the orange kind) and blog...

And that concludes my summary of an ordinary day in the somewhat boring life of me.
Nighty night y'all.

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