Sunday, February 20, 2011

3 day weekend it was...

We took off Friday just because... there was shopping, shopping, more shopping, and a movie (Just Go With It - very funny & cute). A whole entire day spent with my honey. LOVE IT!!!

Saturday I had my photography class, as usual, and we had our first test. OF COURSE I aced it. A+ That means I got every question right. Oh yeah.
Anthony went with a friend to a Sportsfest thing and that night they went to a college basketball game. What's that mean for Lyndy? BOREDOM! Hate being by myself! HATE IT! Wasn't in the mood to scrapbook. Did a bit of housework and went to Dawson's basketball game (took some pics on fully manual setting, no flash-watch out!). I also watched a cute girly movie, Princess Diaries. Yeah, it's old (from '01) but it was good!

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