Half marathon training log

Week 1 
MILEAGE: 6 miles total
GEAR: Bought these
I haven't run in them yet :-P Also bought some killer Balego socks.
FEELINGS/THOUGHTS: Excited as a kid on Christmas morning.

Week 2 
MILEAGE: 8.4 miles total
GEAR: Bought another sports bra, a pair of Nike dri fit capris and a tank. They say everything should be moisture wicking, not have cotton in it, etc.
FEELINGS/THOUGHTS: Talked to a girl at work who just ran her 1st half back in the fall. Some stuff she told me scared me a little. But I was glad to hear it in a way, too.

Week 3 
MILEAGE: 8.5 miles total
GEAR: No new gear purchased this week. I did run in the new kicks this week and they did great. I've run in my Balego socks like 3 times...without washin em... is that gross? 
FEELINGS/THOUGHTS: I keep telling more people that I'm doing this, including my boss and his wife (they've both done the half I'm doing). COMMITTED AM I ! ! ! ! This is an accountability technique he he he 
I was proud that I made myself run on Saturday even though I was tired from scrapbooking with friends all day.

Week 4 
MILEAGE: 9 miles total
GEAR: No new gear  
FEELINGS/THOUGHTS: This week I hit the treadmill a lot because it's been cold and a little rainy :-( Me no like treadmill. Prefer to be outside. My calves were also sore ALL WEEK because of the Insanity workout I did Monday night with my friend Angela. But my running wasn't affected. Had a smidge of lower back pain toward the end of the week.

Week 5 
MILEAGE: 10.8 miles total
GEAR: No new gear, but I think the new sneaks are broken in. They felt really good this week.   
FEELINGS/THOUGHTS: Last week I was kinda complaining about not being able to run outside. This week we had some mild weather and I was able to run outside every day. Love it! I worked out 7 times this week. Yay me!

Week 6
MILEAGE: 11.5 miles total
GEAR: Researching Garmin running watches. Have it narrowed down to two. 
This is the 110   

Garmin Forerunner 110 Series
This is the 210
Garmin Forerunner 210 Series
I won't bore you with specifics. As you can see, a fashion statement they're not. (lol) A friend has the 210 so she said I could try it out one day. If the weather will COOPERATE maybe that can happen this week. (fingers crossed but not holdin my breath)
FEELINGS/THOUGHTS: This week I had some hunger & cravings. I'm trying to make healthy choices. If I'm gonna do all this runnin, I ain't puttin a buncha junk in the bod, ya know?

Week 7 
MILEAGE: 12 miles total
GEAR: No new gear, but I test drove my friend's Garmin 210 Friday and Saturday. It was pretty awesome. Amazon.com here I come! Gonna hafta buy me one.   
FEELINGS/THOUGHTS: Ran for the first time at the civic center. Had to swallow my gum on lap 1. lol No trash cans on the track.
Saturday was my 4 mile run. I ran a new route (thanks to the Garmin watch tracking my distance) and went up a mega steep hill near my inlaws. I was literally saying to myself I can do it over and over, envisioning Demonbreun Street (part of the marathon route). I made it up the hill and back and finished my run in 41 minutes. I had an overwhelming fear that I will never be able to do 13.1 miles. Anthony said who cares? You're doing more than 70% of people. I said honey, I was really lookin' for a you can do it. *sigh* Reached out to my 2 running buddies (I call em my marathon cheerleaders) and they both encouraged me the way I was needing it. Crisis averted. For now.

Week 8 
MILEAGE: 13 miles total
GEAR: New gym bag 
So long old friend. It was a good run, it was. But I'm pretty sure I bought you about 9 or 10 years ago. And I've abused used you every week. Ok, well, except for the vacation weeks. 

Hole-y, worn, smelly & faded you are ... 
 to Gym Bag Graveyard you go
FEELINGS/THOUGHTS: This week in four runs I got in 13 miles. To think I'll run 13 miles in ONE RUN (on race day) is a little crazy sounding to me right now. I'm looking forward to next week's long run - 5 miles!

Week 9 
MILEAGE: 15.4 miles total
GEAR: Tried my new Nike socks. They're pretty similar to the Balego socks I bought - but cheaper. Score! 
I finally made my decision and ordered a Garmin watch. Not gonna spoil the surprise though. You'll have to wait for it! It should arrive sometime this week.
FEELINGS/THOUGHTS: Beautiful weather this week. Ran outside each time. Looking forward to next Saturday's run - I've never run 6 miles before. 

Week 10
MILEAGE: 16 miles total
GEAR: Feast your eyes on my new little prize
 wait for it . . . 

FEELINGS/THOUGHTS: Beautiful weather again this week. Oh how I <3 running outside. *MILESTONE ALERT* My first time to run more than 5 miles. Ran 6 on Saturday - and to be honest, it felt a lot like 5. Lol I was happy with my time, too. I'm staying somewhere around a 10 - 11 minute mile pace. I don't really have a goal about my finish time for the race - I.just.want.to.finish.  :-)  I'm hopeful that I won't have to take any potty breaks or walking breaks. But we'll see...

Oh and I've run 110 miles since January 3rd. Isn't that INSANE?!

Week 11 
MILEAGE: 18 miles total
GEAR: I made a little trip to the Nike clearance store. (ahem) Three new pair of running shorts should help me be a better runner, right? But seriously, some of my shorts were cheapo and cotton (not a breathable fabric) and kinda old...
FEELINGS/THOUGHTS: Um, I think we skipped spring and went straight to summer. I like running outside, as I've told ya a ton, but Saturday's long run didn't go very well. The schedule had me doing 8 miles, but I was only able to do 7. I had to take a couple walking breaks in the last mile. It was 77 degrees, I tried a new course that was more hilly than expected and I just didn't have it in me to get the 8 in. I felt like a big ole failure, I'm not gonna lie. But I have to suck it up and get back out there. No quitting! 

Week 12 
MILEAGE: 20 miles total
GEAR: No new gear. 
FEELINGS/THOUGHTS: Again, unseasonably warm weather here. Makes the runs a little tougher. But at least it's not raining. I set myself up better this week for my long run. I ate some carbs for dinner the night before. I got up and out early (whoda thunk it?) so the heat wouldn't be a factor. I slowed my pace down for the first several miles. I stowed some Gatorade on my route. I was so proud when I logged 9 miles and felt like it was a good run. I feel ready for 10 now~
Oh and that ginormous hill that almost killed me in week 7, um easy peasy this week. I guess I really am getting stronger & better at this runnin thang.

Week 13 
MILEAGE: 23 miles total
GEAR: No new gear, but I've worn the heart rate monitor a few times now. It's pretty cool cuz you can see how hard you're working. Translated: how fast your ticker's ticking. So ya don't faint. Or die. Wouldn't wanna do that now would ya?!
FEELINGS/THOUGHTS: I think my confidence is really building. I'm starting to feel like I can actually last 13.1 miles. I've said all along if I can run 10 miles, I'll register for the race. Um yeah. I've been waitin to do that. Minor detail. So with Saturday's 10 MILE RUN (2:03), I got brave enough. On Sunday, April Fool's Day no less, I registered. EEK! It's for real now.

Week 14 
MILEAGE: 26 miles total
GEAR: Bought a pair of Nike shorts & an Under Armour shirt at TJ Maxx. They have great prices on workout clothes fyi. Struggling to decide what to wear for the race. I'm super picky about clothes and I don't wanna look crazy in that crowd of 35,000 people. HA 
FEELINGS/THOUGHTS: This week was kinda a monumental week for me really. It was the only time I had a weeknight run of 6 miles. It was tough to do after working all day, but I did it. 

AND this was my first time to get up and get my run in before going to work. I was kinda proud of that. I did it because they had a buncha rain in the forecast for midday through evening. And I despise running on a treadmill, remember? 

Plus my Saturday run was my longest in all the training - 12 miles. It took me a while (2:29) but geez, at least I did it. I mean, before mid-April the farthest I had ever run was 5 miles. Proud? Yep! Tired? Um yeah!

The last couple of Saturdays I've run in our little hometown. I'm surprised there's enough real estate in the little one traffic light town for me to do a long run lol but there is. It's really really hilly so I feel like that's what I need to prepare me for the hills of Nashville. 

I've also been taking the advice of a friend the past few Saturdays and took a bath with epsom salts after these long runs. I haven't really been too sore so far, so I think it's helping. 

Week 15 
MILEAGE: 23 miles total
GEAR: No new gear 
FEELINGS/THOUGHTS: This week I noticed a change in my legs. They looked more toned from the side when I was in Pilates class. I was proud of that. A physical piece of evidence for all that mileage. :-) 

This week there were a couple runs that I just had to make myself do. I think I'm at the point in my training where I'm just ready to be done with the routine. And running on Wednesday nights - not good when you have to shower and clean up and get to church. Just not enough time really.

My friend who's been my cheerleader and loaned me her Garmin watch -I treated her to lunch at O'Charley's as a small token of my appreciation. I also bought her a ginormous Hershey's Symphony bar after I borrowed the watch a few weeks ago since she had mentioned she can't go one day without chocolate. Lol It's so nice to have friends who are supportive and encouraging. 

Week 16 
MILEAGE: 18 miles total
GEAR: Bought an awesome Nike sports bra at the Nike clearance store. It's so comfortable and supportive. Should've bought that weeks ago. Best part? It was only $14.99. I love deals! I also picked up a Dri Fit tshirt I may wear for the race. It's kinda bright and cute. Tried it out Saturday on my long(ish) run but it was a chilly day so I can't really tell if it's gonna be right for race day. Stupid weather.  
FEELINGS/THOUGHTS: I'm starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel (and I'm praying it's not a locomotive). I really feel like I'm physically ready, but I don't know about the mental part. Lol Starting to have a bit of anxiety. Just the details leading up to it. Hoping I won't be overwhelmed by all the people and the whole process. 

I can already share a LESSON LEARNED from this training. If I ever do another half marathon, I think I'll just do 12 weeks of training instead of 16 weeks. 16 weeks is a long time and the past couple of weeks I've been kinda over it. I haven't skipped any runs though. Can't chance that!

Week 17 
MILEAGE: 8 miles total (light week)
GEAR: No new shtuff this close to race day. Nu uh!
FEELINGS/THOUGHTS: I've officially completed my training. The big ole R A C E is tomorrow... Saturday, April 28, 2012. I'm nervous AND excited. So many coworkers, friends and family members have encouraged me and some even prayed with/for me. I feel so loved. Aww 

Tonight my pre-race dinner meal is full of carbs. I'm having spaghetti with marinara sauce. The hub is grilling us some pork tenderloin. And I'll probably do a baked potato too for good measure. 

My lower back has hurt every day since last Friday. I may have done a little somethin to it in butts & guts class last Thursday. Stinkin Andy, new trainer... tough! Today my back feels pretty good though. So... 

I guess I'm as ready as I'll ever be. 

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~  ~

Funny/weird stuff that happens when I run
~ I get an occasional thumbs up from random strangers driving by. Aww thanks for the encouragement Mr. Stranger.

~ Inevitably I eat bugs. They fly in my mouth. And in my nose. Eww

~ People stop (in their cars) and try to talk to me. Ummm. Ever try to talk while running? It's possible but not the easiest thing to do. Plus you're racing against the clock. No time for slowin down people!

~ People in cars STARE AT ME as they pass by. I can only assume it's to see if they know me, because I don't have the striking beauty of say a Jennifer Aniston or Reese Witherspoon (well-known celeb runners). And I'm tryin to be optimistic here and not assume they're just rude.

~ Sometimes people (who are out walking) will tell me they wish they could do what I'm doing, but they're just not there yet. I wanna say puh-lease, don't be thinkin I'm "all that." Anybody can do this.

~ A diesel truck (a semi, tractor trailer, whatever ya wanna call it) honked his horn at me. Like just as he came up behind me. Scared me outta my skin. And made me maaaaad. I'm pretty sure I looked just like Phoebe on Friends when he did it. Mr. Trucker: you're twisted, deranged and just plain rude. I hope you enjoyed that. Cuz I did not! Get your jollies with something else besides punkin' a girl on the side of the road. grrrr

~Occasionally a dog will chase me. Or bark and come toward me. Thank heaven for underground (invisible) fences.

~Cows stare at me. Not kidding. I couldn't make this stuff up.

~I apparently scare horses. Maybe the right word is startle. Either way, I have no idea why.