Monday, March 3, 2014

a different spin on selfies

If you're on ANY form of social media, you know what a selfie is. 

These smart phones most of us are carrying around - they have this spiffy little feature that lets you see yourself as you take your own pic. I think they call it the "user facing camera" feature. Or the turnaround feature. Whatev.

Everybody's pretty much done it. If you're a teenager you've probably done it every day since you got your smart phone. Multiple times a day. 

But I digress. 

Well, lately I've taken a few selfies with my cat. Haven't posted em anywhere. 

Til now.

I haven't talked about her on the blog in a while, but I hang out with Tinsley a lot in the evenings after we've finished dinner.

She thinks she's supposed to have her 14 pound furry self in my lap most of the time. If the lap is vacant that is. 

She's pretty spoiled.

So without further adieu, I present you with....  


eh, just slightly annoyed

 ready for my closeup

 matching eyeliner bwahaahaaa

happy nappy

Pardon the poor quality of the indoor iPhone selfies. 

And pardon my Mickey Mouse sweatshirt from the late 90s in the last shot. Um... I promise I'm not a hoarder although I've been accused of it.

I hope your cat makes you as happy as mine makes me. 

Or your dog. Or your hamster. Whatever floats your boat.