Monday, October 20, 2014

Lyndy builds with Legos


turned into this 

Notice the real dumping action folks! Impressive I know... 

Yes, I had to use the directions. Duh... but 271 pieces is 271 pieces. 

The other night I had a babysitting gig for some friends and I brought the hub along. He and the 4 yr old boy had a biiiig time. 

They shot me with Nerf weapons for a good hour. Fun times. 

Gettin shot in the face, the neck, the ear is definitely funnnn times. (sigh boys

The hub built this without directions. 
Not bad.

Anyway the moral of the story is adults can enjoy legos too. 

The end.

Oh wait... 
how cute is this ----->

the scene in the living room around 10:00

Me: His mom says he should lay down. 
Anth (sitting in the recliner whilest the child is hugged up with him):  He's fine. He's basically laying down now. 
Me: Well he at least needs to put on his pjs. 
Anth: He's fine. 
(sigh and roll of the eyes by me as I throw in the towel on being a responsible babysitter... eh, it was fall break anyway)