Thursday, November 4, 2010

Halloween 2010

After everyone got past the confusion of which night the kids were "supposed to" trick or treat... it ended up being Sunday night that our little goblins were out and about... we decided to head down to Anthony's mom's house cuz she gets more ghouls and cuties than we do.
McKenzie was Elle Woods from Legally Blonde and Bryson was a hobo. His shoes even show his poor dirty little toes. ;-)

   Riley was Diego. A perfect costume for him!      Dawson was a werewolf.

At work, my friend Kelly brought her 4 year old by. Gavin was a pirate, but I didn't see him makin' anyone walk the plank. Isn't he adorable?!

And now to explain me .... for a week or two, I had a costume idea in mind I found via my BFF, Google. It was a "homemade" thing, not a store bought getup. But on Thursday night, I changed my mind. At 10:30 pm, I finally settled on dressing up as ....
            a FRESHMAN.
   I grabbed my backpack, a pom pom and my UNC visor and threw on some sweats and flops and POOF, I was magically transformed into a college freshman. All I needed to top off the look was a Student ID badge, a campus map (which I found courtesy of Google - geez they should pay me for all these endorsements) and a look of bewilderment & confusion (which is easy for me to pull off). At first, I felt like I had let down my fans... but the people at work really got a kick out of my creativity. I kept asking people where the Peabody building was because I was late for class.

Today at work one of the IS guys asked me if I ever found my class. LOL
As you can see (above) I eventually gave up.

I'm fully aware that I will probably NEVER top Halloween 08's costume:

I still get asked about this...our pic even made it in our local newspaper that year. "Joe the Plumber" topped it off nicely. But Sarah's either gonna have to whack her hair off like mine or I'm gonna need a wig if I'm gonna repeat this one in 2012 (IF she runs for Prez)....

Sunday, October 31, 2010

1st annual pumpkin carving...

I love my nephews, in case ya didn't know... besides the fact they're so CUTE (like their aunt) they're sweet boys. And my brother, he's pretty cool, too. The great thing is, he married a gal that became my best friend. Awww. Anyhoo, Friday night they came over and we had some grub and then I made the boys do a recipe all by themselves. It was homemade, from scratch-oh yeah, chocolate chip cookies. And here's the way it went -
 Ingredients? Check. Willing participants? Check. Let's do this~

 We halfed the recipe so Sissy (that's what they call me) snuck in some math along with the cooking lesson. hehe
Cullen was quick to inform me that he had used an electric mixer before. He did great with it. (Better than me, I must say...I'm such a messy chef...)
 Stir, stir, stir Camden!
 Plop and drop em on the cookie sheet!

 YUMMMM they were so tasty.

The next order of business was PUMPKIN CARVING! Well, Leslie and I ended up being the carvers. ;-)

Um, Les, you don't need to eat the goop from the inside of the pumpkin! That's gross! ;-)

We decided to carve 'em in the garage because folks, it was COLD Friday night! But sittin' on a concrete floor carvin' a punkin for 2 hours was worth it when ya see the final result...

And it took me FOREVER to get this pic of 'em glowing in the freezing cold, but I'm so glad I made the extra effort. Aren't they the coolest lookin' jack-o-lanterns ya ever did see?!