Saturday, June 30, 2012

Vacation 2012 - Fort Walton/Okaloosa Island

I promise this is my last post recapping vacay. 


Me & the kiddos jumpin' in together has become a bit of a tradition... 
Anthony bags on us who have to hold our noses... 
oh well ~ sorry we don't dig water up the snout
the cheerleader comin' out in me

Notice Anthony's sister in the lounger above Bryson's head... um yeah, she's not much on swimming... 
she mostly worships THE SUN gettin her tan on

night swimming ~ 

Me & my buddy... 

Out in the big water ~ 
  the ocean

this was Sawyer's first time to dip his toes in the water ~ awww

sunnin & relaxin

homemade recliners in the sand 

...and the fellas had to dig in the sand because the boys wanted to be buried.

and then another day, they wanted to be buried again
it was actually a group effort.... we took turns digging. . . I dug, Joey dug, Papa (Terry) dug, shoot, even the boys dug....
they seem pretty happy to be stuck in the sand, eh? 
and now they play D E A D 
I'm stuuuuuuuck! 

And a few more just because ~ 

I sure could get used to my toes bein in the sand much more often than once or twice a year...

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Vacation 2012 - Ft Walton/Okaloosa Island... fun & grins

This here photo tour includes only those shots take on the indoors. 
Mostly in our rooms, but I had to include this first shot because.... 

 This was my father-in-law's 

And just so you know, Anthony is loved by these mini men...his nephews 

 There was one of em by his side at all times pretty much 
 Hangin out

Even this little bitty un got some Uncle Anthony time - -  
Lotsa times, it was both of the bigger boys under his feet... 

they had been dying to ride in the cart at the condo and of course Anthony eventually gave in. Retaining his title of PUSHOVER...

There was always some amount of wrestling... 

as in every day...  

I was the one who started the standing on your head thing... I used to do that as a little girl in our living room. Just because...
Bryson popped up there like a pro. 
Dawson...not so much. 
Even with the help of his cousins, no can do.

I liked holding Sawyer, the little cuddle bug. Him is sweeeet!

The rare smile of Joey ~
not that he's an unhappy dude...

He's just a bit camera shy I s'pose. 
But I'm patient. 
Very patient. 
And I rarely put my camera down. :-P

One night the childless adults (me and Anth) ended up with all the potty trained kiddos (i.e. they apparently didn't trust us with the babe). So we played Popomatic Trouble. 
And I won. 
Two nights in a row. 
I'm a champ.  

Somebody learned how to hold onto his pacifier on vacation and pull it out, then put it back in.

McKenzie decided to give Memaw (my mother-in-law) a mohawk one night. Funny stuff. 
This may land her on the back page of Glamour (as a don't with the black bar across her eyes).

Joey turned the BIG 4-0 midway through vacay week. He got a burfday cake from the local Walmart bakery (or was it Kroger)? Terry scratched  Joe is ! 40 in it with his finger. Heartfelt. 
Yeah, he put the exclamation point in the wrong place. 

And last but certainly not least...
   the elevator

The boy always battled for position. The position closest to the buttons that is... 
do your kids fight over pushing the button?

I don't get it. I guess I'm too old to get a thrill out of pushing the elevator button.

Ok, so there's your tour of the indoor fun we partook in on the family vacation. 

Check back for beach and pool pics.