Saturday, June 30, 2012

Vacation 2012 - Fort Walton/Okaloosa Island

I promise this is my last post recapping vacay. 


Me & the kiddos jumpin' in together has become a bit of a tradition... 
Anthony bags on us who have to hold our noses... 
oh well ~ sorry we don't dig water up the snout
the cheerleader comin' out in me

Notice Anthony's sister in the lounger above Bryson's head... um yeah, she's not much on swimming... 
she mostly worships THE SUN gettin her tan on

night swimming ~ 

Me & my buddy... 

Out in the big water ~ 
  the ocean

this was Sawyer's first time to dip his toes in the water ~ awww

sunnin & relaxin

homemade recliners in the sand 

...and the fellas had to dig in the sand because the boys wanted to be buried.

and then another day, they wanted to be buried again
it was actually a group effort.... we took turns digging. . . I dug, Joey dug, Papa (Terry) dug, shoot, even the boys dug....
they seem pretty happy to be stuck in the sand, eh? 
and now they play D E A D 
I'm stuuuuuuuck! 

And a few more just because ~ 

I sure could get used to my toes bein in the sand much more often than once or twice a year...

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