Tuesday, November 15, 2011

What I've been up to...

Not a lot.

Friday night we broke tradition.
We ran and gobbled up some mexican food and stayed close to the homestead. There was a certain first game of the season on. UNC Tarheels hoops is heeee-uhhhhh (that's here, in ballgame speak). A certain fella THOUGHT he DVR'd the game. Nu uh, nope. Musta not clicked it right. (tee hee) He only got to see the last minute or two. What a shame. I almost cried.

Saturday we did a bit of shopping and went to see Jack & Jill on my FREE movie passes from winning the Halloween costume contest. It's the Adam Sandler movie where he plays himself and his twin sister. It was funny. For a Sandler movie.
*Side note: I snuck in some sweets from the Target to snack on during the flick. Dropped a Pretzel M&M in my purse. Found it tonight. And ate it. Is that gross?

My mother-in-law got a new ride this weekend. A 2011 Nissan Altima. We had to go see it. Anthony drove it. It's niiiice. And dontcha love how new cars smell?!

Sunday is always church of course. But as I said, we're switchin it up this week. We went to Walmart Sunday night. What, what? Curveball in the ole routine. Watch us now.

Last night I went to dinner with the gals I used to work with. It was fun catchin up with them. Anthony and Caleb (my 20 year old nephew) went to see Cullen play basketball. Probably because he couldn't bear to stay home alone without me.

Tonight we went to watch Cullen play basketball. They WON!

Tomorrow at work we're havin a lil Thanksgiving lunch. I'm thankful for that!

Oh, and Riley's coming over Friday. Expect a post and pics - you know me. I must take pics of that sweet handsome boy.