Friday, August 26, 2011

Nuggets from the past week...

Random quote from Joey (Anthony's step brother) as his 1st grader awaits his nana for a trip to the movies: As far as I'm concerned, the world's about to end when they make a movie about the Smurfs.

I discovered this little treasure (thanks to Bridgett) - -
It's called CRACKLE POLISH and is super cool. If you haven't heard of it, you should definitely check it out. You paint it on over your base coat polish (mine was white) and the stuff just starts separating like somethin outta the Matrix. Wild stuff! Love it! It's like art on your nails without the salon price. Wow, that sounds good. I should be writin' their commercials.

I've been runnin a lot this week on toppa my gym classes cuz this week I had to weigh in for Weight Watchers and we all know I've been eatin' bad since vacay. ha! Thankfully I am right on target (exactly at my goal weight-yay!). And then one night I went to Zumba class at the gym with my friend Heather. This is a snapshotuvus from a few back...

Heather's COOL! And she's getting hitched. Told me via text. But I forgave her. Cuz I'm a good person and we're friends. ;-)
Oh, and Zumba was super fun. I figured I'd be terrible, but the sweet little gal teaching us took the time to prep us for each segment. She didn't look old enough to have a driver's license or a menstrual cycle, but she was a good teacher. lol
Oh, and did I mention she did the entire one hour class in knee high boots, leggings and a cutesy shirt with her long hair down (no ponytail)... ahh to be a teenager again...
At work Angela had a wardrobe, two actually. First, her hem came outta her britches. Martha Stewart, er Brandi (her BF) was ready to meet the call of duty. Whilest Ang was gettin hemmed up she noticed a blobbasumthin on her white blouse. Lyndy came to the rescue with a Tide stick. Somebody get me a cape.

I'm stupid and missed out on tix to the Band Perry. Will check Craigslist closer to show time. Poo!

Went to the Barrel for lunch with my friend Kelly. It was tasty and the company was great! We used to work together at another place before this un so we been knowin' each other about 10 years I guess. She's a keeper! (She sweetly gave me a cute pearl necklace earlier this week. Aww, I don't deserve it!) And yes, going to lunch is noteworthy cuz I never do that. I'm too cheap and I'm always at the gym!

Twice this week I was given the opportunity to talk to people about FAITH and encourage them. Scripture came to mind and I was able to give them advice about conquering fear and overcoming Satan's temptations about doubting God's promises. Recently at church Dad had these little cards printed up for all of us and I shared mine with one of the people I talked to this week. She needed it! It says:
I believe I am always divinely guided.
I believe I will always take the right turn in the road.
I believe God will make a way where there is no way.
I look at mine every day and it reinforces my faith.

Gearin' up for a lovely weekend now I reckon. Tonight was date night with the hubby. Grocery trip and Krystals... we're livin' the dream. Be jealous, verrrry jealous.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Today's my daddy's birthday

That means a few several an undisclosed number of years ago my daddy was birthed.
Good for him! Being born is so cool !
One day he'll regret posing for this here pic lookin' all crazy... wait a minute... nah, he's fun that way... I get my awesome sense of humor and fun lovin' personality from him (hee hee) 
I could probably tell some tales on him, but I'll refrain from doing so as to alleviate any embarassment, shame and regret. As he always said, I brought you in this world and I can take ya out... oh no, wait... he didn't say that to me... that was what he said to my older brothers.
Here's a pic of Daddy with his mom. She birthed him. Yep, that little bitty woman had my daddy in her womb way back when. Thankfully for her, he wasn't so big when he was born. (hyuk, hyuk)

Happy birthday dear ole dad.

You'll notice the letters on this magnificent post are all in red, and that's cause I member'd that's yer favrit color.  :-0 
Love youuuuuuu!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Promised pics from the Fair... here ya have it.

the swings be Anthony's fave ride  

Once the initial shock of the scary ferris wheel was over...
these three loons calmed down.
See? It's all better now... breathe in, breathe out

Mental note: be careful when crouching at the bottom of the slide...
you may get kicked in the head (good thing I have awesome reflexes)

 Bryson rode with us on Vertigo, a super high set of swings.
Him was a little too short,
but the carnie looked the other way ;-)

We are (clap, clap) ride warriors (stomp, stomp)!
McKenzie was up for any ride, unlike my chicken hubby and young buddy Bridge
who both became woozy after a kiddie rock n roll ride thingy.

 One of the best things about the fair - fried EVERYthing. hee hee
(harumph) looked for the chocolate covered bacon
Christy claimed to have seen... never did find it

Bye bye fair fun. We shall see you next year! You're as fun as Christmas.