Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Today's my daddy's birthday

That means a few several an undisclosed number of years ago my daddy was birthed.
Good for him! Being born is so cool !
One day he'll regret posing for this here pic lookin' all crazy... wait a minute... nah, he's fun that way... I get my awesome sense of humor and fun lovin' personality from him (hee hee) 
I could probably tell some tales on him, but I'll refrain from doing so as to alleviate any embarassment, shame and regret. As he always said, I brought you in this world and I can take ya out... oh no, wait... he didn't say that to me... that was what he said to my older brothers.
Here's a pic of Daddy with his mom. She birthed him. Yep, that little bitty woman had my daddy in her womb way back when. Thankfully for her, he wasn't so big when he was born. (hyuk, hyuk)

Happy birthday dear ole dad.

You'll notice the letters on this magnificent post are all in red, and that's cause I member'd that's yer favrit color.  :-0 
Love youuuuuuu!

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