Monday, August 22, 2011

Promised pics from the Fair... here ya have it.

the swings be Anthony's fave ride  

Once the initial shock of the scary ferris wheel was over...
these three loons calmed down.
See? It's all better now... breathe in, breathe out

Mental note: be careful when crouching at the bottom of the slide...
you may get kicked in the head (good thing I have awesome reflexes)

 Bryson rode with us on Vertigo, a super high set of swings.
Him was a little too short,
but the carnie looked the other way ;-)

We are (clap, clap) ride warriors (stomp, stomp)!
McKenzie was up for any ride, unlike my chicken hubby and young buddy Bridge
who both became woozy after a kiddie rock n roll ride thingy.

 One of the best things about the fair - fried EVERYthing. hee hee
(harumph) looked for the chocolate covered bacon
Christy claimed to have seen... never did find it

Bye bye fair fun. We shall see you next year! You're as fun as Christmas.

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