Saturday, August 20, 2011

A shoppin' we did go

Last Saturday me and Bridgett Bridgett and I went shoppin fer a spell. We started at Ross and usually I rack up in there. Not so much last week. Found one dress. Kohl's had some essentials I needed (ya know, camis and what not). Bridge talked me into leggings to go under the dress from Ross. I told her I was too old for em. She said I wasn't. I gave in. Target is always a gold mine. Not last Saturday. It just wasn't lookin like it was meant tu be fer us. Chick-Fil-A for lunch is a girls day out must. Mmm. I'm gonna grow feathers one day, I just know it. Victoria's Secret had some nicety nices but I didn't buy anything (not a great sale). I bought my BF a belated birthday gifty of a VS gift card and two necklaces in Icing. Then we stopped off at Rugged Wearhouse (even though the young un was pretty pooped, hmm I can outshop a 23 yr old? w-o-w). Found some Express jeans for $12.99. SCORE!

That night bout 10 we decided to head south fer some doughnuts. We are so bad! Anthony and I made Bridgett CUHRACK UP when we were ordering. I wanted a lemon filled but Anth was tryin to keep it simple and just get a dozen. Then me and Bridge were sayin we ain't feelin the love for the chocolate glazed, but that's what he wanted. Well, I was tellin him I wanted a crueller and a lemon and Bridge was sayin get half glazed and half chocolate and the poor guy in the speaker was sayin sir, I'm waitin on yoouuuuu... Anthony told him "these women are drivin me crazy." Well as it turned out, they gave me the wrong stinkin lemon doughnut. I'm serious. I had to go in the place and swap it. Geez! I know you have three different lemon doughnuts right now Krispy, but I'm really gonna need you to get it right! Oh, and Anth called my crueller a cruller (like dull) which caused fits of laughter from me and Bridgett. I know he was ready to strangle us right in the car.

We had a similar predicament in Fort Walton and I still don't see what the big dealio is. The dang box says happy all around and happy for me is always LEMON. End of STOOOOOREEEEEE.

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