Wednesday, August 17, 2011

A late post...weekend happenings

Last weekend we celebrated with our good friends... it was my friend Lisa's birthday and we went to one of those places where ya eat and play... a new place in our area. It was cool. Riley had himself a big ole time playin' and playin' for sure!

<--------- Here he's plantin' a big ole   birthday kiss on his mom! I'll pause
whilest you say awww.
We headed to Maggie Moo's for dessert. he he he
I love it!

Alan (Lisa's hubby) and Anthony (my #1) were also there,
as well as a couple Lisa & Alan are good friends with, and their two kiddos....

Glad Lisa had a boithday... cuz I got ice cream outta the deal (and QT with Riley)

The night before, me and Anth celebrated the end of a work week (our first week back from vacation groan) at the local Steak 'n Shake. Lyndy got a kids meal so she could indulge in a shake...I'm on a bit of an ice cream kick of late. I got the orange dreamsicle flavuh and it was good, lemme tell ya.

On Tuesday night it's cheap night at the local theater so we went and saw Captain America. We wanted to see it on vacay but never did. It was good!

One day at work we were talking about marathons and two of my coworkers said something about those stickers on people's cars that have 13.1 on em. They both thought that was a reference to some scripture in the Bible they should probably know. I laughed and laughed. They didn't know it was a bragging rights sticker for those (crazies) who have run half marathons.  

That's about it I reckon. I'll post some stuff about this past weekend in the next few days. I went shopping with Bridge and did some other super fun stuff... won't spoil the surprise for ya.

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