Monday, August 15, 2011

The last vacation post (maybe)

I'm sure you're sick of my vacay pics. Sorry!

We made these in the sand...
Anthony helped, but it was mostly McKenzie and me doin' all the grunt work.

The kiddos got buried in the sand. That was fun for the grown ups. Hee hee
They were easy to keep up with...cuz they couldn't move!

I can't leave the vacation posts without tellin' ya a couple funnies on the kiddos. Lemme preface this with one disclaimer - usually the youngest kid has the most funnies. I'm not trying to highlight one more than the other. All the kiddos in our fam are presh, sweet and funny and we love em!

One night we went crab hunting (that happens in the dark, little did I know) and there was this huge crab we caught. It was so big it hopped right outta our bucket. Dawson got a lil excited and whacked it with his net trying to keep him from getting away. Killed him. D.e.a.d. Bryson said he's not dead, look, he's still moving. McKenzie said no Bryson, that's pre-death twitching. Ahh the insight of a 13 year old and innocence of a 6 year old. :-P

Anthony called Bryson spider monkey all week which would signal Bry to immediately jump down onto the floor (or ground as the case may be) and assume "the position" and crawl around. Funny stuff.

Anthony also put Dawson up to somethin... when he (Dawsoon) says certain phrases he sounds EXACTLY LIKE his daddy. It was hilarious. He did it all week. Anth is such an instigator.

If Anthony ever wanted to crack Bryson up, he imitated the funny talkin' French driver dude in Talladega Nights. "I will defeat you Ricky Bobby." Later in the week, Bry started tryin' it. It was really funny when he did it.

We learned (on the trip) that Christy can't swim. That deterred me from pushing her into the pool one day. That mean streak in me almost came out. 

You might be a redneck if you feed pork rinds to the seagulls off the balcony of your condo. Just sayin' And ya might be a dummy if ya jump in the pool with your cell phone in your pocket... Anthony.... we did not get insurance! A trip to Verizon was NOT on my vacay agenda. (sigh)

Bryson called the patty melt at Whataburger a PARTY melt. It's okay buddy, a burger like that deserves a party!

Bryson, McKenzie and I all got stung by jelly fish. There was one day they were really bad. The fellas caught a bucket plumfullofem. Ick! Me no like the creepy crawlies, nu uh!

One day out in the ocean water I had skidded up to the shallow part on my boogie board a few dozen times and I said shew, I have got sand EVERYwhere. Bryson (who's 6 remember) looked at me with a straight face and said matter of factly, you're just gonna hafta deal with it.

Anthony called his mom a banana because of her yellow bathing suit. I can't remember if it was Bryson or McKenzie who spilled the beans. She didn't wear it after that. He was just jokin!

Bryson had an "incident" in the elevator. Dawson, Kenz & I were in the pool but Bry wanted to eat a bite before swimming. When he came down, Joey stayed on the ledge watching as he walked down to the elevator (all by himself cuz he's a big boy). It was taking FOREVER. What had happened, a person had pushed all the buttons in the elevator so when Bry got in the little guy had to stop on every floor. By the time he got out, he was TOE up from the FLOE up. Came to the pool lookin' distraught, do you hear me? Even after we had been swimmin' a while he was still talkin' about it. Well that night he and Dawson rode with us to dinner. On the way home (this would be like 5 hours after the elevator incident) I noticed Bry was quiet...well I made a funny in the car about the "party" melt and Bry didn't say a thing. I said Bry, did you hear me? I made a joke... He said shew, I'm thinkin' about that stupid elevator. I laughed. I said buddy, it's okay! He said I'm takin' the stairs!

One day the boys were with us in the car and there was a restaurant we passed called Ciao Bella Pizza. Dawson said look Bryson, Chicago Pizza. They don't teach Italian in his elementary school. LOL

 Us on da beach
 Us on the deck uh the condo

 Us at the shrimp house

And us at Fudpuckers

One of our most memorable and fun trips for sure. Had a real good time and wanna go back ASAP!
Love ya beach. We'll see ya again real soon! If you wanna relocate to our place, we have room in the back yard!!!!

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