Thursday, August 11, 2011

The ocean, big waves and boogie boards pretty much rock!

Toward the end of the week the WAVES were REALLY BIG.
The lifeguard said it was the biggest he had seen in a couple years.
They were big enough some fellas were surfing.
A lady who lived in the area said she hadn't seen them this big in 20+ years.
Either way, they were BIG! And fun to ride...

The grown ups may have wiped out more than the kiddos. But we weren't keepin' count. We loved it when Terry got out there...he'll be 65 next week but he ain't afraid uh no wave.

Lyndy's wipe out story: one afternoon it was just me, McKenzie and Joey out in the water. If you know me, I ain't one to hop in the water without holdin' my nose. Well as I said, the waves were humongo and they weren't even letting us go past waist high water. Well Lyndy got out a wee bit too far and I saw it, I saw the wave comin' and I barely had time to hold my nose. That wave flipped me and my face hit the ocean floor. Yeah. I was scared for what seemed like an eternity. I thought I could die out here, am I gonna come back up, I could break my neck, my spine...a hunnerd thoughts run through my poor little mind. While I was pondering life as I knew it something whacked me pretty hard. I bobbled up and shook myself like a dog after a bath. Thankful to be alive. Ok, so maybe I'm bein' a bit dramatic, but it did scare me. I had a red mark across my arm for the next 24 hours from the strap of my boogie board. Whew. Joey said he saw my feet fly up outta the water. Said a wave had knocked him down (his back hit bottom) but he kept going after seashells. Found a hermit crab and a snail. It died a couple days after we got home. Must not have liked Tennessee...

Oh and about 10 minutes later a wave slung me sideways (think ragdoll) up to shore...after that I was done with Mr. Fierce Ocean (for the day). I brought home a few good scrapes on the side of my leg.

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