Sunday, August 7, 2011

Kayak on the ocean memories...

The fellas decided to rent a kayak...
for merely one Andrew Jackson, you can rent
this here kayak for an hour.
That's 60 minutes. That's a lot of rowin' for a long time ...

The fellas didn't fare so well. They flipped it twice before they ever got outta the knee deep water. LOL They were providing entertainment for all of us on the shoreline. Then they got waaay out there with Dawson and flipped a third time (thank Heaven for life jackets).
We watched. Dawson hopped right back up in the boat.
We watched. Joey and Anthony stayed in the water. And stayed. And stayed.
The guy that rented the kayaks asked if we thought he should go help em and we said nah. Eventually Anthony got back in, but Joey never did.
They said it was hard to get back up in the boat when your feet can't touch bottom. excuses

Christy and I decided to give it a try...
and we didn't flip. Not once.

The fellas tried to use an excuse or two, but the real truth is, they just couldn't handle the fierce waves and were jealous of how AWESOME us girls were at the rowing. And the balancing. And the supreme turning and navigating. We pretty much looked like pros.

Better luck next time guys.

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