Thursday, February 17, 2011

A Valentine's recap ...

Me and my squeeze ain't ever made a big "to do" or "hoo-rah" about Vday folks. As my boss's boss said earlier this week, it's not a real holiday and Saint Valentine isn't even a saint. But I digress...

On Sunday, we had to watch a certain cutie pie so his mommy & daddy could go and celebrate Vday. We were glad to oblige.

          LOTSA FUN

Anthony and I exchanged sweet, lovey-dovey Vday cards expressing our love to one another. Aww But on Valentine's we both had to work (work gets in the way of the fun stuff, doesn't it?) and that night was his pee wee basketball practice for the team he helps with (the team that his nephew Dawson is on) so there was no squeezin' any celebratin' in on Vday. So Tuesday, I forgot to lay anything out to thaw for dinner (what a tragedy) so we decided to go to Carrabba's that night to sorta kinda celebrate Valentine's. It was tasty AND we had a gift card (thanks Mom!).

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