Tuesday, October 9, 2012

September Photo A Day Project - the last 20 days

The conclusion of the September Photo A Day project I participated in via Instagram (my new favorite obsession) and Twitter ~ 
yes I'm a smidge late posting. . . such is life 

Day 11 - Hero 
I couldn't choose just ONE hero. Nope. Both my parents are pretty heroic!

Day 12 - Together  
As far as I'm concerned ketchup & fries are a match made in Heaven. 

Day 13 - Table 
A quick trip downstairs at work gave me this photo op ... 

Day 14 - Favorite 
On September 15th my sweet hubby took me to hear Kelly Clarkson (one of my faves) in Nashville. It was an awesome concert that I haven't had a chance to blog about. 

Day 15 - First thing you see 
Some mornings this furball is right in my face

Day 16 - Strange 
My mother-in-law's kitty is pretty strange sometimes ;-) 

Day 17 - In my fridge 

Day 18 - Price 
no worries - didn't pay full price for these puppies... they were ON SALE!

Day 19 - Underneath 
My gym bag is by my side a whole lot.  

Day 20 - Man-made 
I love these things. I hope that doesn't make me weird. They just amuse me by how they flop and jerk. Kinda like me when I try to dance. 

Day 21 - Sometimes 

Carb loading the night before the big race. Yum Olive Garden. Yum!

Day 22 - Up 
Up on stage - Zac Brown Band YEAH!!
Another thing I haven't blogged about yet. This little event happened the night of the race. Yes, as in Lyndy got up at 4:30 am and ran 13.1 miles and later that day trekked back downtown for 6 hours of live music. Tired feet.

Day 23 - Before bedtime 

Day 24 - 3 things 
I spy three little acorns. Babies they are. Saw em  under a tree during a nice afternoon break at work.

Day 25 - Frame 
Found a frame layin around at work. Decided to hang it on my wall. And put my purse in the middle. Simple enough? 

Day 26 - Near 
Near me. Almost always.
Day 27 - Love/Hate 
I really do love some chocolate milk, but I despise OJ. Ick! When I was little my mom bought the kind with pulp in it and I'd say I don't like that, it has feathers in it. :-P 

Day 28 - A good thing 
Pizza is always good, but it was especially good this night because I had been craving it for about a week. Yum!

Day 29 - Errand  
This wasn't really an errand per say, but it was something we had to do. Lol We went to see a friend's little boy play football. 

Day 30 - You, then 
My kindergarten pic
go ahead & say it - what happened? You used to be so cute!

There ya have it folks. A month's worth of pics by me. Kinda fun. Every day I kept my eyes peeled for the shot I wanted to post for that day's subject. But I'm not doing October so no worries. :-)  

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