Saturday, October 1, 2011

Saturdays are for...

  • going to breakfast and then to buy mums with your mum
  • going to a football game
  • being serenaded by your hubby who plays a mean acoustic guitar
  • reading a book
  • laundry (unfortunately)
  • pizza & watching football on tv

() Mom and I didn't do our usual Barrel breakfast. Went for chicken biscuits at Chick Fil A. Mmmm What's funny though - we were both wearing the same shade of yellow with a thin white stripe. Why didn't I take a pic? Because I'm a loser.

() Dawson is a 3rd grader (the hubby's nephew) and plays in a peewee league on Saturdays. The sun was perfecto, but the wind...not so much. And no, I probably didn't need to be out in the chilly air with this sinus crud, but I'm on antibiotics so hopefully I didn't do any harm.

() Sometimes if Anthony gets a song in his head, he pulls out the GIT-TAR and plays. It started out with a church song then of course switched to a Zac Brown song or two. These are the moments that make life sweet. He's so talented. His fingers make music. How cool is that?!

() Anthony loves college football sooo much. He is a Roll Tide fan and a Gator hater. Sorry Angela - you know it's the truth. We can still be friends though. :-) I sorta watch but mostly I'm just there to be in the same room with my man. I read or play my iPod. Because I'm a good wife.

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