Monday, September 5, 2011

It's a recap

I hadn't mentioned it, but last weekend after Riley visited he and Anthony both ended up on the sickly side... thankfully I didn't get it. Anthony's still struggling with the recuperation piece so we've kept it low key this weekend. Friday night he had a fantasy football draft. My favorite definition of fantasy comes from our friend Webster: hallucination. Or there's creative imagination. Either way, all these fellas are pretending to run a football team. Must be a guy thing cuz I just don't get it. Anyhoo, he was hogging the computer all night and when the cupboards are bare, momma's gotta get somebody to ride to Walmart with her circa 10pm. Yep, and the winner was.... Christy !!! Thanks for that.

Saturday morning I did some baby pics for a friend with a presh 8 week old girl. Separate post to come on those. Then straight from that, I hustled to a baby shower. Anthony's step cousin (to keep things simple)... she's havin' a girl (their first child) and she got lotsa cute baby things. And during the shower, I got to play with Layton, Anthony's cousin's baby boy who loves me a whole lot. After that Lyndy needed a nap. Done. Now, what to do next... of course, EAT. Zaxby's has yummy chicken and that sauce -- Swung through Belk to see if they had any cute beach wedding worthy dresses on clearance. BURMMP, nope. Anthony's friend is getting married on the beach in October and we is a-goin! Mm hmm yeah. Only bummer is that means we gotta miss another wedding that same night here in town. If I clone myself tween now & then, I'll let yall know. After that hop in Belk, we had to run in Walmart cuz OCD Anthony had to get a new toothbrush, a ritual he has after any illness.

Yesterday we of course went to church but other than that, we were pretty much lumps of nuthin. I did manage to finish a book a friend had loaned me. Today I started my morning with a nice shower and I did a bit of scrapbooking. Then I watched a Bio on Matthew McConnaughey I had DVR'd. Then I fiddled with pics on the puter, played my iPod and did a bent & wiggly puzzle or two. Are you jealous of my cushy life yet? I finally coaxed Anthony out of the house for dinner...Chili's as usual. (sigh) He never tires of that place. If we get to Heaven and there's a Chili's... oh never mind.

And then, I saved the best for last....
allow me to introduce you to my new friend LBD

You're gonna be seein her a lot, so deal with it.
We became friends in Ross and after a few minutes of negotiation,
she agreed to come home with me for...are you ready for it?
a mere $14.99

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