Friday, September 9, 2011

If I hadn't .....

If I hadn't gone running yesterday after I got home from work, I wouldn't have...
  • logged 3 miles for the day
  • had four near death experiences (ok, so I'm exaggerating...but cars need to give a girl some room)
  • seen these pretty flowers growing wild along the creek...

 and these...
  • witnessed two deer crossing the meadow (they stopped and stared at me like I was the one who was out of place HA)
  • enjoyed a lovely, relaxing bubble bath (ahhhh)
And if I hadn't gone running, I might not have been so pooped that I fell asleep on the couch circa 8:30 for.the.night. Thus the 24 hr late post... I think part of it was allergy related though. Ugh that stinkin ragweed.
Gotta run - a cute little handsome sweet loving 3 yr old boy is headed my way.
Oh boyeeee!

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