Wednesday, September 7, 2011

A day in the life of me

Today was a work day for me. Whoopee, you're thinkin, right? Well I was cravin a pop tart so after bumming fiddy cent from Kel and then scrapin up a quarter outta my wallet and borr'in another twinny fi from Di, I walked down to the vending machine that usually has my fave - strawberry pop tarts with icing. See, I had a glass of milk waitin for a partner. I got to the machine and what did my beautiful brown eyes see? The last strawberry poppy tart just a-waitin fer me! And the bonus was that it only cost 75 cents, not a buck like I expected. So upstairs I went with my happy little tart and returned the 25 to Di. It was a yummy tart. Ok, I ate both of em. Geez. A girl's gotta live.

Lunchtime for me most days is a workout at the gym. Today was TRX and it is awful. No lie! I make myself go, but it's soooo hard! Today I obviously didn't have enough fuel cuz midway through it I started seeing stars and the room spun a bit. I sat down and thought I was over it, but when I started back doing the thang, I had to cop a squat again. Ugh! The trainer asked if I had had any protein. I said no and I'm not tellin ya what I had, but it clearly wasn't enough for this! She kept askin. .. fruit? oatmeal? please don't tell me a doughnut... what did you eat honey? I bet I told her 5 times I AM NOT TELLIN YOU. And I'm not. So don't YOU go tellin her after readin this, ya hear?

At church tonight my friend loaned me some sweet jeans. Maybe when I rock em I'll take a pic and show ya. They're super cool. And I'm gonna take goooood care of em. 

Peace out!

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