Friday, November 15, 2013

Our 14th Loveless Cafe

Even though we’re fairly convenient to Nashville, we don’t go very often. We do typically end up somewhere in Nashville for our anniversary dinner though. And that’s just what we did last week when we celebrated our 14th anniversary.

We’ve wanted to try out Loveless Café for a while now. Even though it’s kinda a touristy place…. We’ve heard they have really good food. And we’re all about some good ole comfort food, served up the Southern way. Is there any other way? ;-)

So off we went.

Took us an hour and 10 minutes but it was totally worth it!

They say weekends are busy so we went on a weeknight. We didn’t have to wait for a table. We had called ahead but would’ve been fine without doing that.

Everything about it screams nostalgia. It’s like being at your grandma’s house. It’s so quaint and homey inside. From the checkered table cloths to the wood floors, I was smitten!

We were seated near the kitchen and this shot is looking toward the front of the restaurant – notice the doors?

Our server greeted us immediately and asked what we wanted. Of course we needed a minute. We always do, no matter where we’re eating. When she came back she said haven’t I waited on you before? We said no…this is our first time. She welcomed us and said we looked like a couple she had waited on before. Lol Anthony asked if that couple was nice. HA! So apparently we have a twin couple out there roamin around somewhere. Oh me.

Of course Loveless is known for the homemade biscuits and jams/jellies/preserves (whatever ya wanna call it) they serve up. And let me tell ya, these things were scrumptious! I wanted to eat 100 of em.

Anthony went for the fried chicken and I went for the BBQ. Loveless is also known for their hashbrown casserole so I went for that and it was awesome I do say. And I also had the skillet fried corn. MMM so good! Anthony went with his standard sides - mashed potatoes with gravy and mac 'n cheese.

We were both stuffed and happy by this point. All our food was delicious! But our sweet server told us Loveless has the best banana pudding around. And that just happens to be my man's #1 fave. And he never orders dessert… N E V E R… but he did that night! The server said they even make their own wafers for the pudding. 

It was a cold pudding in case you were wonderin. Anth said it was amazing. I didn’t try any. I’m not a banana person…

After we ate we browsed in the gift shop and picked up a jar of strawberry preserves. And they taste homemade by the way. DELISH!

Next time we go I’m gonna rent a second stomach. And I’m not gonna eat 3 days prior so I can have one of everything LOL
I hear they have an awesome breakfast… so maybe we’ll get back there soon for that. We both have birthdays coming up. (ahem)

Anyway, the anniversary was lovely and I’m glad I got to stuff my face next to this guy. He’s a keeper. I love him a bunch. And doing life with him sure is peachy!


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