Sunday, November 24, 2013

Birthday boy

the birthday boy

I met Anthony for the first time when I moved to Tennessee and joined his 5th grade class after the Christmas break. 
As the saying goes "that was many moons ago."

Fast forward to high school and we started dating our senior year. 
So I counted it up and that means I've been celebrating his birthday with him for the last 20 birthdays. 

Mercy.... that makes me feel old!

This man makes my life a whole lot better. And I'm glad he keeps on havin birthdays. Because I love doin life with him & I think he's pretty cool. And I love him a whole bunch.

He's one of those fellas who's the same anywhere you see him - whether it's in church or out at a ballgame, he's the same guy. No fake stuff here.

He loves riding the swings at the fair... 
maybe even twice in the same night. 

And he loves music. 
Playing it, listening to it and going to concerts... yeah, all of that. 

And here's some more stuff he loves - 
  • sports
  • the beach
  • going to the movies & eating popcorn
  • breakfast, fried chicken, mac n cheese
  • hangin out with family
  • laughing with friends
  • sittin on the porch just chillin'
  • me ;-) 
And I'm most thankful he loves God. It's so awesome to serve and worship along with him.   

I'm soooooo thankful God put this man in my path. Every year gets sweeter. It sounds cliche but it's true. 

I'm glad I married my soul mate. 
My best friend. 

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