Sunday, December 8, 2013

Tossback to Thanksgiving yall...

We did Thanksgiving a bit early with my inlaws but I was coming down with what turned out to be a whopper of a sinus infection & a touch of an ear infection so I didn't shoot any pics that night.


And yes, I'm much better now. Thank you for asking. 

As for MY family, we did our meal on Friday night (the day after Thanksgiving) at my parents' house.

We had a great meal. And lots of laughs. 

I could write a whole lot about all the things I'm thankful for. But these folks right here - they're at the top of the list... they're the best!

This was our first Thanksgiving with these two little cuties. 
My great nephews. 
7 months old 
Brady (left) has the fuller face, Conner isn't quite as filled out 

I couldn't bear to Photoshop the food off their sweet little faces. I mean let's keep things real, right? Babies eat. Babies are messy. And we'll blink twice and these little toots will be grown. So there. Foodie faces.

Some of us older folk played Phase 10. 

I personally feel like they could make this game simpler. There are so many rules. And I'm pretty sure Anthony, my dad and I were reminded of the rules like 50 times. 

I won. 
It was pure luck.
Kerlandy did help me a little... but with this kind of card game a lot of it has to do with the cards you're dealt...  

 My brother sometimes gets passionate about the game

We Face Timed Caleb (my nephew in the Army) and Anthony pulled out the Barry Gibb impersonation... when Caleb attempted it, well... let's just say it was an epic fail. 

So I think I get my sillyness from Dad... 
pretty sure he was calling himself a unicorn here. Um... ok Dad... sure...
I actually love his silly side! 

The kiddos played some games and there was a lot of wrestling throughout the night. We all fought over the twins. 

But mostly the night was filled with laughter and love!  

So anyway... 
Hope y'all had a nice Thanksgiving, too!


Get it?  the END 

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