Thursday, September 6, 2012

Commodores & Gamecocks - college football is H E R E

My husband is H A P P Y ! 

Because football season is fiiiiinally here. 
I don't share in his enthusiasm. But I do endure enjoy some games with him here and there. Mostly in the comfort of our living room...

Last Thursday night we went to the Vandy/South Carolina game.
my Vandy tshirt - straight from Cracker Barrel for a mere $9.99 purchased the night before

We look pretty happy here, right? 
This was a good 30 minutes before the game. And before the rain. Or should I say the downpour. No, let's call it a toad strangler. 

Anyway, we had headed down kinda early thinking we'd run into traffic because that night there was also a Titans pre-season game and a Sounds baseball game in the Nashvegas. But traffic was no problemo. So early we arrived. And sat in the heat. The humid middle Tennessee heat. It was lovely. Really it was. Did I mention it did NOT rain on the Titans or their fans? Well it didn't. 
I s'pose I should give a shout out to the little old man who gave us ponchos after about 5 minutes of sitting in the fetal position being pelted by rain. 
Ok, maybe I'm exaggerating. 
But I was kinda hunched over trying to protect my camera. 30% chance of rain. Riiiiight. Harumph!

Jason and his wife have season tickets. They love them some Vandy sports. Remember, we went to some hoops with em last season. Click right here to read the blog entry.
They're good peeps.

~ nice peppy crowd ~ 
probably peppy because it stopped raining :-P 
A nice sunset to serve as a backdrop for the end zone

Vandy went down to the Gamecocks. It was a good game though. Not boring at all. And this is coming from a girl who struggles to figure out who has possession of the ball.

Um before I leave you, let me say this. I'm needing the apparently miniature people who design college stadiums to realize people aren't 8 inches wide with itty bitty legs. They sure don't make those places for comfort. Or for people with any amount of girth. Come on man!

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