Friday, March 23, 2012

Heather's gettin H I T C H E D

Last Saturday a package was on my front porch.
Heather's bridal shower gift.
Tinsley had to inspect it, sniff it, lay on it, play with it...

This is a second marriage for both Heather and her man, so for the shower they suggested gifts like $$$ or stuff for the honeymoon. They're going to Mexico. Lucky dogs. But I got em a cool personalized welcome mat for the hizzouse. Isn't it presh?!

Angela, Heather & me
Friends since we were kids. Still are! 
 Heather and her fella John Paul - cute couple!
Teddy Grahams swimmin and sunnin - could it be any cuter?! 
Congrats to you Heather - lookin forward to the wedding. Oh how I <3 outdoor weddings!!!

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