Sunday, March 25, 2012

Riley's 4th birthday

Yes, I'm behind in blogland. I figure the 3 people who probably read my blog will forgive me. :-P 

Last Sunday was Riley's 4th birthday

Side bar: Our good friends Lisa & Alan are the proud parents of this sweet boy I'd love to steal. We hang out with them and sometimes watch Riley for them. 
Riley's all into superheroes now. 

He got lotsa cool Superheroey toys and stuff to play with. We got him some kinda of Light Speeders Hot Wheels play set thing he wanted.
 the happy birthday boy
 with his chums

Since Riley likes several different Superheroes, it was only fitting that his cake reflected that.

Cue Lyndy.

A guy at my work dabbles with cakes on the side. So we gave him some inspiration from the world wide web and here's what he came up with - 

Pretty cool, huh?

Sometimes the fondant icing, while pretty and neato, will be chewy and um not so yummy. But this was the best fondant I've ever had. And the cake was super moist! 

His biz is called Big Daddy's Cakes n More. He's on Facebook so look him up. I'm sure he'd appreciate it.

Pretty sure Riley had a HAP HAPPY birthday and I'm glad we were able to share his special day with him. Hard to believe the little booger is 4 already! 

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