Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A champion in the family...

Well, on Monday I got a text from Jen that McKenzie won the spelling bee (there were ~52 students in the contest)... lemme back up a sec - Sunday Kenzie said she was ready for some more of those muffins I made (see my post dated October 18: Yummy goodness without the guilt) and I'll just be honest - I'm a sucker for someone braggin' on somethin' I made. So ... when I heard she WON the BEE I thought hmm... a CHAMP deserves a prize... hehe So I ran on out to my local Kroger and bought the three ingredients required to thereby make them there yummy muffs.

So this morning I got up and baked some of 'em for the CHAMPION in the family... I took 'em right out of the oven and walked 'em over in the rain mind ya (they live next door) and by golly, I was proud... I'll admit it. It felt good to GIVE (for once) and a cute kindergartener, Bryson, met me at the door with a smile. (Only after hollering IT'S LYNDY...after all, who comes knockin' on your door at 6:45 in the mornin, right?) I put them on the kitchen counter and walked right back out. Bry said I thought you were gonna talk for a minute. I think that was the first time I've ever gone in and come right back out. I told him I had to get ready for work. I think he replied with a "see ya."

And just cuz I figure a thin, cute cheerleader gal who's almost 13 didn't need TWO DOZEN muffins, I took the rest of 'em to work. My coworkers loved em; some even asked for the recipe. And now that my head is swollen (from havin' the big head), Anthony's workin' on enlarging all our doorways.

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