Tuesday, September 21, 2010

"Music is what feelings sound like"

On the way to work this morning I popped in a worship CD a friend gave me a while back that I've always loved listening to. I jammed out, played drums on the steering wheel and sung along to several tracks. Music is so cool like that - it can boost your mood, make ya laugh or cry, bring back memories, all o' that.

To this day when I hear "Until I Fall Away" by the Gin Blossoms it takes my mind back to September 3, 1994...my first date with Anthony. I remember being in his gray Honda Prelude headin' to the movies to see Forrest Gump and asking him what they were singing. I told him that it sounded like they were saying "it feels like fallin' rain." He probably thought I was a dork, but we got married so I guess it wasn't a deal breaker, huh? 1994 has been a minute ago, but I still stink at lyrics. Lol

I guess my point is I love music! It sure did get my day started off right today....

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