Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Last chance workout (day)

On Biggest Loser they call it the Last Chance Workout. Today was mine I guess (remember, tomorrow is the big weigh in). I got up this morning after the sun was up and ran 1 mile and walked 1 mile. I admit it felt good. I listened to my iPod and was startled by a couple cars but thankfully no one side swiped me. I walked a mile with Speedy G on break at work. It was HOT, do you hear me?! I did my lunch time yoga class at the gym, which is my fave. I think I'll be pleased with my weight loss this week. I feel like I've worked so hard the past two weeks. I told a friend I'm tempted to take a laxative tonight, but my luck I'd get the squirts and miss church tonight and work tomorrow, thus missing the final weigh in. Can't chance it!

Oh, and I should also add that I was totally PSYCHED tonight to see I now have two followers of my little polka dot bloggy poo. Suhweet!!! Thanks y'all.

Tune in tomorrow for the weigh in RESULTS ...

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