Monday, September 20, 2010

... Always have a PLAN B

So this morning my alarm went off at 5:30 am (ya know, when the chickens get up), and I noticed the house was awfully dark but for the flicker of the big screen which seems to stay on 24/7...but I digress... Maybe I should know this, but apparently in late September at 5:30 am in middle TN the sun is NOT UP YET! So what's a girl to do? The obvious - go back to bed! And back to bed I went ... Z Z Z z z z z

You now understand my title for today's post. Plan B ya say? On morning break, walk around campus with my friend we'll call Speedy Gonzalez. At lunch, get my sweat on at Pilates class. The third piece of the pie...(why do I punish myself with a pie reference this week, of all weeks?) walk and/or jog after work.

Did I do it?

YES! I walked and panted along with my friend this morning; I went to Pilates and melted like a popsicle on hot asphalt; and I did my thang after work. I ran a mile and walked a mile on our road, which was followed shortly thereafter with a nice shower. Ahhhhhh. Life is good today (a Zac Brown quote...don't hate on my random references and's who I am.... and you'll also figure out I like to use the dot dot dots.... they're called ellipses for those of you who are grammatically challenged....)

Oh, and no worries for you non-exercisers. I promise not to talk about exercise and healthy living in every post. There will be posts about other random things from Lyndy's world... more to come. Peace!

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