Sunday, September 19, 2010

. . . . a crucial week

This is an important week for me. You're thinkin' "Why, Lyndy?" Well, Thursday is our final weigh in for this session of Weight Watchers. Now you're thinkin' oh geez, not that. I don't wanna hear about that. Yeah, yeah, yeah, we could all lose a few, right... But let me to share my WW journey with ya. . .  

I started WW for the 1st time in '04 after gaining the Cracker Barrel 15 (or so ;-) and it's such an easy plan, plus they come to our campus and we can do the meeting on your lunch hour. Cool! Anyway, I did eventually arrive at "goal weight" (which you can pick within a range based on BMI) and boy, was I proud. As a peacock, do you hear me?! So I became a lifetime member of WW. Is that something I really wanna brag about? Eh, anyway. You know the next part of the story dontcha? Yep, I gained it back.

So I've lost and gained, lost and gained... but the deal with this week is I'm frightfully close to my goal weight and if I manage to get there, it's a hunnerd bucks in my pocket. See, CB will reimburse employees for the fee if they either lose 10 lbs or get to their goal weight within the session.

So yesterday morning, I got up and put on my workout junk and headed down the driveway for a walk/run. I did 3 miles (half walking, the other half running) and felt like a spring chicken when I was done (what's with all my bird analogies today?). It felt great! So guess what? I did it again this morning. Yup! Hopin' when I get on the scales Thursday at WW I get to dance a little "yay me" jig. Uh huh, oh yeeeeah. Been eatin' me some fruits and veggies, too! And lovin' em.

But before I go dark (that's a 24/Jack Bauer reference for those of you who were under a rock the last decade and missed THE BEST show on tv)... I must turn my thoughts to what I'm gonna grub on tonight at the Barrel cuz I'm hawwwngrreeeeee! Let's go eat y'all!

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