Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Brandon aka BH7

I've been knowin this dude since he was a baby child. But he's all grown up now and chasin' a dream. He loves singing and playing music. So we went to hear him recently. 

good times
good times indeed
Bridgett is Brandon's little sis. You may recognize her from other posts on this here blog. She's my sidekick sometimes. I'm actually kin to Brandon and Bridgett, albeit distant... here, Bridge is posed up with a good friend not boyfriend of hers, Spencer. A nice dude. 
Jason and Melisa have popped up in other blog posts. 
Jason and Anthony have been pals since they were kiddos. We hang with em sometimes, but not enough. They live about an hour away. :-/ 
Brandon's grandparents on his dad's side came out to show some support. But I think granddad had a little too much fun. Or maybe he was just bored. I can't call it. 

Anyway, if you wanna check out Brandon's music, he's on youtube, Facebook, Twitter and what not. Also has his own website. Fancy schmancy.

I'll leave you with a shot of me and the hub.
Cell phone pic so not the bestest quality.

Photobombed by Jason.
He's proud of his work.

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