Saturday, December 4, 2010

Feelin' domestic

Today my mom took me to breakfast at the Barrel. That was fun (and tasty). When I got home I started on the laundry and then finally got on one of those wifely, domestic duties my dear beloved has been patiently waiting for me to do - pert near close to darning socks... Anth had a hole in his pocket of some work pants and a hole in some lounge pants. Well, if you wondered, I'm no expert seamstress here. I do well to sew on a button y'all. But I thought shucks, how hard could it be? My mom usually does our little sewing projects, but I thought eh, I'll give it a whirl.

So I threaded up the ole needle and sewed up the lounge pants with skill and precision. Ha, not really, but shoot, he's only gonna be wearin' the lounge pants up in the livin' room and the HOLEY work pants pocket was on the INside, so I was in luck!

I must say I felt kinda proud to be able to pull this little job off....and I only poked my finger once. To reward myself I decided an afternoon of scrapbooking was appropriate... maybe I'll show ya the pages I worked on. They turned out great I must say.

Now, I must go and get floofed up and cute for a Christmas dinner/party.
Later  :-)

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  1. next thing you know you'll be sewing all your own clothes! ;)