Friday, December 3, 2010

Busy, busy week

It's been one o' those crazy, busy, feelin' pooped at the end of the day kinda weeks folks. Whew, TGIF baby!

I've been super busy at work and by the time I get home and we get dinner cooked and eat up, stick a fork in me cuz I'm DONE! One night I was asleep by 9ish, another I was snoozin' by 8:05 (ha) but I woke up a little before 9, watched a show I had recorded and went back to Snoozetown by like 9:30. Yeah, fell asleep in the recliner and woke up about 2:30 am, and realized I still had to wash my face before going to bed. <sigh> When will I ever learn?!

Monday night Anthony went to his first pee wee basketball practice. He's helping with (his nephew) Dawson's team. Maybe I'll sneak in one night and take a pic. Hehe

And let's face it - it's almost Christmas time so there's still shoppin' to do. I didn't get all of mine done last Friday. I got a little more accomplished tonight, but I have a couple friends hangin' me up... need to find a lil sumthin-sumthin that just lets 'em know I love 'em, ya know? I'll find that special thang...hopefully!

Before I sign off, I don't think I told ya, but we did manage to get our tree up on Thanksgiving day (after breakfast at the Barrel with Janice, Terry, Christy and Dawson). We also put garland and wreaths on the porch railing WITH LIGHTS. Of course it's purty and cute, but I haven't gotten a pic of it all yet... a certain feline brat has already messed with a strand of lights on the tree so I need to get a new strand and replace 'em before I snap a pic. Thankfully the strand that's out is on the bottom of the tree and there aren't that many ornaments down low because I learned last year that young kitties like to play with Christmas trees. Our new thing this year is apparently we're going to CHEW on the wrapped gifts. We're part dog? Idk... more to come on all that...stay tuned...

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