Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Not so newsworthy

We've been kinda busy around these parts, but nuthin really blogworthy I don't s'pose. 

Here's some random pics from a couple things we've been doin.

bbq chicken = messy!
 just chillin
which is hard to do when it's a million degrees like it has been a lot lately
 pretty sure these two are in love teehee
somebody's missing some teef 
classic Bryson - he was growling as I shot this
 was sick, not no mo! woo hoo
 handsome times 2
Tinsley thinks Anthony needs help restringing his guitar... like always

In other news...
~ Anthony considered buying a used SUV yesterday but decided not to. 
~ I got an iPhone yesterday. Hooty hoo! Pumped fer that. 
~ Over the weekend Christy painted our utility room. I <3 it but can't show ya til it's fully & supremely cutely decorated. Pinterest is gonna hep me widat. 
~ I got a bit of hair news but I don't wanna spoil it for ya. Check back. 
~ WE'RE GOING TO CMA FEST yippeeee and the Zac Brown Band fan club party 

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