Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Our first time at the local parade

We built our house in '07 so we've been residents of this little community a while. But we've never been to their parade. It may be smaller than the one "in town" but we hear it's better.

Back when Anthony's grandmother was alive, she always went with Anthony's mom. Her sister is still alive and she went with us...she's a spry 85

We went to the parade in part because of this little race car driver. . . 
Even though he was concentrating on driving, he took the time to wish me a happy birthday. Sweet boy.

The grand marshall of the parade was the man who sold us our land that we built our house on. His name is Brownie (not sure if that's a nickname).

Y'all know I ain't a dog person, but these little guys were too cute.

Mini horses with mini cowgirls

 Mini diesels (these were sooo cute)

 Thank goodness for firemen !

Joey & Bryson rode their four wheelers. This was Bry's debut on McKenzie's four wheeler. He seemed to do fine, but I could tell 
he was concentrating hard! 

 McKenzie was all smiles with her Pa tossing out candy
I'm sure Jen couldn't be in the parade because SHE'S WITH CHILD...lol 
It limits her.

There were lots of old cars and trucks in the parade. Even some tractors. A few Gators and the usual horses. Some with wagons and carriages, and 
some ..... 
with ......
 Overalls and sunglasses... 
funniest thing I saw 
Probably  be even funnier to see em 
puttin the doggone overalls on the poor horse
Santa was lookin niiiice ! 
Do it Santa.
We loved the parade and we love you!

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