Sunday, October 21, 2012

that Zac Brown Band thing - Southern Ground Music & Food Festival

If you read my blog you know my husband and I love some Zac Brown Band. Anthony is in their fan club - the Zamily. So through that we've been to some shows and some fan events. They're cool. And they put on an awesome show in case you've been under a rock for the last 4 or 5 years. They've won Grammys, ACMs, CMA awards, etc. etc. etc. 

And of course I always say they're cool because their first CD was released exclusively by Cracker Barrel. 

They came to our campus for a show before they made it big huge ENORMOUS. But I didn't get their autographs. Or a pic. Didn't even say hi. But I did take their CD home they gave us and made the hub listen. And told him he'd like it. And he did!

In Nashville back in September they had their Southern Ground Music & Food Festival down by the river. It's always awesome to listen to live music outside, is it not?! 

The setup was sweet - we had seats right by the stage and between the catwalks. You could bring a blanket and it was kinda cool to have your own space. 

I went on Saturday night (yes the same day I ran in the half marathon cuh-razy) and Anthony's buddy Clint went with him the night before. There was no way I could have gone the night before the race. I'm fairly sure Clint was glad I couldn't go lol

Anyway, the opening acts were great. Zac and his wife were close by enjoying the tunes for a while. 

An older lady sitting near us had this tat. Oh yes she did. She was SUHR-YUS bout some ZBB. 

Zac and the fellas sounded great, as usual.
yes, there was a 7 ft tall man a few rows from stage in front of us
Here's a link to the set list for the night I went with Anthony - Sat night setlist
Anthony's fave that night was probably the Aerosmith song they did - Sweet Emotion. I have several faves, but I really dug Free, Keep Me In Mind, and Highway 20 Ride. Well, they didn't have a bad song. 

And when John Mayer rolled out (insert scream here) um, he can flat wear out a guitar do you hear me?! I loved NEON!!!!

I screamed EVEN MORE for this gal though - cuz I seriously love me some Sheryl Crow 

I might have the tiniest crush on Jimmy, the violin player. Just a hang out and talk kinda crush. Nothing inappropriate people. Geez!

You deserve that spotlight Jimmy. Shine Jimmy shine.

In all seriousness, he is amazing on his instrument and a super nice guy. I chatted with him at a fan event and he was sooo down to earth and cool.  Really all the guys in the band are.

Zac came down the side catwalk near us for several songs. Spittin distance. Yeah. Pretty neat!

And I'll leave you with this shot for grins...  
    pals since the playground 

If you've never gone to a Zac Brown Band show, I highly recommend it ! Good times you will have. Very good times.

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