Wednesday, October 17, 2012

I felt appreciated... at my job

A couple weeks ago at work they had an "employee appreciation day" on a Friday. They fed us lunch, gave us a country music show, had a buncha cool stuff and even let us go home a couple hours early. 
Pretty sweet. 

Edens Edge performed for about an hour while we were all stuffin our faces with some mighty good grub. (nom nom nom)
Then they did meet & greets and photos with whoever wanted em. Which includes me! :-)
We also got autographed posters. I added it to my collection in my office at work. A cool perk. 

Anyway, several employees formed teams. Some had crazy team names like Not So Wholesome Fixin's and some even had "uniforms."

My boss and some of the HR folks had an 80's theme goin on. Called themselves the Culture Club. That was their second choice when everyone shot down Gangnam Style. (sigh)  

The games were sorta a mix of Survivor style games. 
This was the water  balloon toss. . . a classic
My boss got drenched with one LOL 
Then they passed water down a row assembly line style with ladles and had to fill a tube. I didn't watch much of that one. 

This is the bean bag toss onto barrels. Big shock that there's a barrel involved, right? 

Even our CEO participated, which was pretty cool. 

This is a corn muffin being caught by a net. Did I mention the person tossing the muffins is blindfolded... and standing on a ladder... 

Kristi honey, you're supposed to look at the target when you're shootin a sling shot... at plates... if you intend to break one of em 

The giant puzzle was the final leg of the competition...


I missed the boat race portion and the bamboo gate they had to untie a series of ropes to unlock cuz I was gettin myself a free massage... ahhhh

golf lessons if you were interested... 

There was also a self defense pro there to show ya how to get tough and stuff I guess. I didn't partake. I'm tough enough. ;-) 

and for the artsy fartsy folk... 

for those who like to be pampered, you could get your nails done and have a nice hand massage 

and for those who needed to kick back & relax fer a spell... we had delish blackberry cobbler ice cream and rockers under the shade trees

On my way out, picked up these pretties.
Some landscaping dude was there to demonstrate somethin but I mean really, how hard is it to stick a mum in a clay pot?!
Think I can handle that.

So anyway... that's about it. 

It was fun. I liked watching the crazies compete but I kinda wished I had formed a team and won.

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