Thursday, October 25, 2012

catch up on me and some RANDOMNESS post

Here's some stuff we've been doin lately.

~ My mother-in-law cooked supper for us one night and it was deeeelish! Good southern home cookin. Sign me up! (ahem) once a week would be grrreat

~ Mom and I did a bit of shopping one Saturday. Love some girl time!

~ Our friends' son plays football so we went and watched a game one Saturday. The field where they played is the high school field where Anthony and I spent a lot of Friday nights in high school. He actually asked me for our first date after a football game standing on this field. Ahhh the memories. (insert dream sequence music here)
Anyway, I thought it was cool how they used red solo cups to spell out some team spirit - - 

Why didn't we think of that when we were in school?! 

~ We attended a couples conference at church - our first ever. It was really really good. Just a one night deal, but super good. 
One of the things they had us do is to tell each other 10 ways we bless each other. Obviously that's personal, but I have to share a couple of my hub's he wrote about lil ole me. His #1 was that I'm his best friend. Aww. His #2 was that I'm his soul mate. Aww. And the one that made me laugh (in a good way) was the last one on the list - he wrote "you love me even though I suck sometimes." :-)

~ My niece and her hubby delivered some big news. On September 12th, Sasha text me a pic of two pregnancy test sticks. Preggers she is. Excited we are. Then on October 5th, my sweet little daddy text me that Sasha was having TWINS. As in double occupancy, two babies in one womb. Zoinks! Side bar - isn't it ironic that she text me two pregnancy sticks? things that make ya go hmm 
And just today she told me they're identical twins so now we play the waiting game to find out if we'll be buying blue or pink. Trucks and army men or Barbies and dollhouses. Oh what fun!

~ Unfortunately the other day I had to get a filling.  In a tooth. Not cool. I was on such a good long stretch of "good job as usual Lyndy" that my hygienist said "ohh Lyndy... you have a cavity" like she was tellin me a family member didn't make it out of surgery or somethin. I was thinkin ok, it's not the end of the world...

Movin on... 

~ Our dryer died recently. Thankfully on the last load of that weekend (yeah, I only do laundry on weekends). So rather than buy one, Anthony's sister offered hers up! 

Terry came to help Anthony install it. Translation: Terry installed it. 
In this picture I can't help but get a giggle out of how Anthony is watching, hand on hip. He reminds me of those highway workers on the side of the road you drive by. You know, the 3 or 4 men who stand around and watch the one guy dig the hole or whatever. hehehe He did hand Terry a tool here and there.

~ I made an orange pound cake and took it to Diana, my coworker who recently had back surgery and hasn't been able to come back to work yet. It was her birthday and I wanted her to know we love her! It's so fun doing for others.

~ I tried the new spinning class at my gym...
* epic fail *
I know you're not surprised. Neither was I. I'm a clutz. I mean really, who carves out that much skin on a pedal? Me, that's who.

~ Anthony and I took a day off

If you follow me on Instagram and Twitter, you're having deja vu right now. 
We had lunch at O'Charley's, went to see Taken 2 (great movie) and enjoyed some ice cream. It was a nice day! And that evening I even did a bit of scrapbooking. Hadn't done that in forever.
Oh and the silly pic was tough cuz every time we'd try to take it, I'd get so sooooo tickled. I'd laugh so hard I'd start coughing and my eyes would water. Thought you should know that.

~ I've made a few new friends of the female persuasion at our new church which is of course groovy. Well one of the girls in choir had a jewelry party. So I went. And socialized. And bought some jewelry. After all, a girl can't go around unadorned. ;-) 

~ Last weekend we finally tried Chuy's - a Tex Mex joint everyone has been telling us is really good. I agree with you all. It IS very good. And we'll definitely go back. Yum, yum! Best chimichanga I've ever eaten. EVER!!!

* * * * * *
The rest of the stuff we've been gettin into lately is worthy of its own post. Gear up cuz I have some pictures to throw atcha. 

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