Friday, October 26, 2012

just a little FALL FAMILY FUN c'mon

You may recall that my hub's bunch gets together every fall for a bit of family fun in the out of doors... well technically it's his step-dad's bunch but we claim em

Pepa with the newest addition of the family - lil Sawyer 

We had some tasty vittles 
   chili, bbq, rotel dip and tortilla chips, hot dogs roasted on the camp fire, etc.

The fellas always end up playin corn hole
Ima need Joey to paint them boards - 2 years in a row of plain ole, plain ole...

These three look SUR-YUS bout somethin don't they? Solvin the world's problems maybe...
A father and his two sons... a lot of good ole know how in this circle

And just because ...
   life is too short to be serious all the time

a little reading by flashlight courtesy of Pepa
 I mean really, who brings a book to a fall family cookout?! 
McKenzie, that's who! 

Never forget the hayride

And I'm pretty sure roasted marshmallows will be in Heaven. 
    Uh huh. Yeah.

Good times. Really it was. 
We look forward to this little soiree every year. It's on my list of reasons I love fall. 

I don't have a list. 
But if I did, this would be on it.

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