Saturday, October 27, 2012

BH7 plays Legends in Nashville

Sometimes a man needs some guy time. 

Ever since Anthony and I have been together, we've always done things separately, with friends from time to time. I think that's healthy. Don't get me wrong - I could spend most every wakin moment with him, but sometimes it's okay for us girls to have a girls night and the fellas to have a guys night.

Recently our buddy Brandon played Legends down in Nashville on Broadway. It was his first time to play there, so Anthony and his buddy Clint went.

Clint said he really felt like a roadie when he and Anthony helped Brandon and his band haul in all their equipment. :-P

Brandon has a website ( and a bunch of tunes out there on Youtube. Check him out.  
Starting in November he's gonna play every Friday night at Second Fiddle. And yes you can enjoy live music without partaking in "strong drink."

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