Saturday, October 2, 2010


Well folks, this is the third Saturday in a row for my morning walk/run on our road. Amazing, huh? It really is nice and peaceful out there early in the morning. I find myself praying a bit, and enjoying the country scenery. One day I saw a cute little groundhog. Another day I saw a couple deer. One day I smelled a skunk. :-P That brought back bad memories, but that, my friends is a story for another day.  

This morning I felt ambitious, froggy even... so I decided I'd run a little farther than usual. I didn't look up the distance on before I did it. So when I finally climbed the hill up to the house, I went straight to the 'puter. My first leg (of running) was 1.3 miles. Cool. This week had been my first time to run 1 mile straight (at the church) so I bumped that up a bit. Well then I walked a short bit before running the remaining leg, which according to Rand was 1.1 miles. So today, I ran a total of 2.4 miles and walked a mere 0.6. Yay me!

Gotta run - more Oreo balls to fix, a Carnival to go to and a pic-uh-nic to head to. Busy day!

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